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Fast Money: One Hour Payday Loan

Budgeting is so tough in today's economy, even for those to whom bookkeeping comes naturally. Money is tight and the necessities of life so costly for so many families and individuals, that it sometimes seems impossible to make ends meet through to the next paycheck. A cash loan can be a lifesaver, and a one hour payday loan can seem like a miracle. Below, we're going to tell you more about the one hour payday loan.

You can get the one hour payday loan from a specific type of store, many of which offer one hour loans, and the process is usually quick and painless, as long as the lender's requirements are met. The one hour payday loan can be easy to get.

To apply for a one hour payday loan, you generally have to have reached the legal age where you live, have a full time job, making a certain minimum amount of money, be in possession of the appropriate ID, and be a checking account-holder. Once you have fully completed the application form, you wait, and within only an hour, your money will be deposited directly into the checking account at your bank.

It is because there are no credit checks performed that the one hour payday loan gets approved so rapidly. Because you're putting your paycheck in as collateral, the lender is at almost no risk of losing any money. There will likely be a few weeks time, usually two or three, before you will need to begin repaying the lender.

If money continues to be tight, many lenders of the one hour payday loan will often give you an extension on the repayment, by only making you pay the financing charge.

The one hour payday loans are available everywhere, most have a way to apply for the one hour payday loan online. There is no need to even get out of your pajamas or leave your home to get the injection of cash you need. From the application process to the deposit of the money into your bank account, the process is simple.

The one hour payday loans can be a major source of relief for people with no credit or bad credit. If you have a job and are getting a regular paycheck, the lender will have no trouble believing you'll pay back the one hour payday loan, because you've secured it with your employment income. You may be required by the lender to have been in your current job for a specified period of time, but that is usually only two or three months.

The fees for some of the one hour payday loan can be very high, so it's important to make sure you understand what you're getting into. It is a good idea to go shopping around for the lowest possible rate, lest you make your financial situation worse.

A lot of lenders will allow you, when your payment comes due, to re-new the loan for a few weeks more and only repay what you were charged for financing, so that the amount you need to repay will be debited automatically from your bank on the repayment date. If you do not have the funds in place to cover the payment on your one hour payday loan, you will be charged for an additional NSF fee.