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The day has finally arrived that you have been dreading. Each month for the last year you have slowly been eroding your savings as the bills cost more but your pay stays the same. This month your bank account seems to have emptied faster than ever, and then today you remembered you have the house insurance to pay tomorrow, the dentist's account is due on Thursday, you have not bought the groceries this week yet - and your next paycheck is just over three weeks away. You think to yourself "I need an instant cash advance with payday loan lenders, but where do I start?".

Well, help is at hand for payday loan lenders. Just follow these nine steps and you could soon be in a position to settle the dentist's bill, renew your policy and put food on the table again because of payday loan lenders

1. Ensure you can put your hands on evidence that you are over 18 and a bona fide resident of the country. You need to do this so the payday loan lenders knows you can legally sign contracts (which anyone under eighteen can't) and that you are not an illegal immigrant or tourist, both of which could reduce the likelihood of repayment of the money to the loaner. So, dig out your passport and a bill for, say, electricity, local taxes or water to prove you have a permanent place to live.

2. The payday loan lenders will ask if you have a criminal record, so if you do you need to admit it early on. This is because they will either check you out, or, if it turns out you did not disclose the fact, that could have serious consequences, especially if you default on repayment.

3. Find a recent bank statement, because you will need to have a current account to be eligible for a loan with the payday loan lenders.

4. Also, line up a copy of your latest payslip for payday loan lenders. This is particularly important because you will only be able to borrow up to your usual pay from the payday loan lenders.

5. Get on the Internet, go to a search engine and look for payday loan lenders offering what you want.

6. Compare each site of payday loan lenders and narrow your choice down to two or three that you feel comfortable with.

7. Check that a company has a physical address, and does not just exist in cyberspace. Why do this? Mainly because if they have a street location they are more likely to be dealing with other financial products, so they are likely to be legitimate and their advice is more likely to be good

8. Before making your final decision, read all the information on the sites, and if you have any queries, contact them and ask. Genuine suppliers will want to explain things to you. You are about to make a big commitment so you owe it to yourself to fully understand what you are getting in to.

9. When you are ready to fill in the form payday loan lenders is offering, be truthful. The payday loan lenders will find out otherwise. You are about yo enter into a binding agreement which can be enforced in the law courts; why risk your reputation for a few dollars?

You are now ready to receive your instant cash advance with payday loan lenders and start breathing easily again! Payday loan lenders online make it easy for you.